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Client: Beauty & Grooming Brand

Challenge: Ahead of a cross-country relocation, our client was seeking diverse talent to support their business across analytics, media, e-comm & D2C.

Where We Came In: We delivered an incredibly talented & diverse consultant team to hold down the fort. This made the process of finding and hiring the perfect full-time team much less stressful and rushed.

Results: The client was thrilled to have our team of consultants keep the business ahead of the curve during this period of transition.


Client testimonial:

“Our experience working with talent from We Are Rosie has been world-class and we are excited to continue working together as our needs expand. Not only is this a strategic partnership, but the level of service We Are Rosie provides is second to none. I’m thrilled to find new ways to work together in 2020 and beyond.”


Client: Media Agency

Challenge: The agency needed extra hands on deck to set up one of their legacy clients for a smooth transition to a new agency.

Where We Came In: We acted as a white-labeled agency for the AOR for five months to free up their core resources to go after new business. We created a micro-agency of nine remote experts, working across time zones to effectively run all digital media. The team handled strategy, planning, buying, reporting & optimizations for 100+ live campaigns each month.

Results: The hand-picked micro-agency worked harmoniously, ensuring the client a smooth transition while exceeding their expectations. Upon completion, the agency immediately tapped We Are Rosie for additional projects.


Client: Tech Brand

Challenge: This Fortune500 tech company needed help finding niche, skilled marketing talent. They had previously exhausted their resources in this search.

Where We Came In: We found highly skilled experts to join the in-house team and add value to their existing core team.

Results: The brand is so happy with We Are Rosie’s services, they chose to partner with two Rosies within two weeks of being introduced.


Client: Phobio – A mobile software company

Challenge: After launching a product that was different from what Phobio was known for, they needed to develop an umbrella brand quickly and seamlessly for clients of that new product.

Where We Came In: We embedded an interim CMO who spoke Phobio’s language and understood the culture. A uniquely qualified team of We Are Rosie experts was also curated to assess and tackle Phobio’s marketing needs through exhaustive research on the company’s strengths, weaknesses, competitors and prospects.

Results: The data collected by our team informed the strategy and brand positioning. We created a powerful name & branding for the new parent company: Altio. The team also delivered branding strategies for both products to ensure long term growth.

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