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+ Is We Are Rosie just for women?

No, not at all. Anyone of any gender identification across the spectrum can be a Rosie. The only kinds we don’t really want are the kinds who don’t believe it’s a spectrum to begin with.

+ Is there a typical We Are Rosie project?

Our projects most often range from 20-40 hours per week and can be anything from rebranding a company to testing new SEM strategies to writing content for a YouTube channel for one of the biggest brands in the world. So, in short, no – not really. But they’re all pretty great.

+ Is every project remote?

Most of our projects are remote, but every now and then we’ll get one that calls for some in-office support. In those cases, we only pick Rosies that live in the same city or who have expressed a willingness to travel.

+ How soon will I get a project?

This depends on lots of things, but rest assured we are always taking on new clients and looking for new Rosies to match them with. It might take a week, it might take a year, and it’ll probably take somewhere in between.

+ Do you offer any benefits?

Yes! And we’re thrilled about it. We’ve recently formed a partnership to offer a selection of three different medical plans, dental, vision and even a 401K to our Rosies working on eligible projects.

+ How did you get your name?

How did you get YOUR name? From a mom, of course. We Are Rosie is named after our founder, Stephanie Nadi Olson’s daughter, Margot Rose. It’s a reminder to Stephanie and to all of us of why we’re here and what we stand for: a better, brighter, and more inclusive future for all.

+ Do you work internationally?

We have plans to go global! But hang tight, currently we service talent based in the US. If you’re international, join anyway! We’ll keep you posted when we’re worldwide.

+ What is the Garden and how do I get in there?

What happens in the Garden stays in the Garden. If you don’t receive an invite within 1 week of joining the community by filling out the form above, call us out at

+ What if I have a Q. that isn’t F.A.?

Got an infrequent question? Feel free to shoot it to us at

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