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  • Q&A With We Are Rosie Founder Stephanie Nadi Olson

    Q&A With We Are Rosie Founder Stephanie Nadi Olson

    Stephanie Nadi Olson Is All About Modern Working Our fearless (and kick-ass) leader Stephanie Nadi Olson created We Are Rosie to embrace mod...

  • Catherine Trestini - A Freelancers Journey To Finding Purpose - We Are Rosie

    A Freelancer’s Journey To Finding Purpose

    After working for several small and startup marketing agencies, Catherine (Cat) Trestini traded traditional office hours for freelance work ...

  • 4 Tools We Use To Feel Like A Team

    4 Tools We Use to Feel Like a Team

    In this emerging world of flexible schedules and remote offices, our average day isn’t average. Many of our team members don’t work in t...

  • 4 Businesses Breaking New Ground - We Are Rosie

    4 Businesses Shaping The Future

    We love businesses that think outside the box. But we love it, even more, when someone bulldozes that box to build something totally new. In...

  • 6 Reasons Your Team Should Have Flexibility - We Are Rosie

    6 Reasons Your Team Should Have Flexibility

    If you’re considering embracing flexible schedules in the workplace, you’re in good company. “Sixty-seven percent of small busines...

  • 4 women shaking things up - we are rosie

    4 Women Shaking Things Up

    It’s no secret we love to shake things up. We Are Rosie is inspired by people who persistently follow their passions and aren’t swayed b...

  • You’ve been doing it wrong - Stephanie Nadi Olson - We Are Rosie

    You’ve been doing it wrong

    I started We Are Rosie to change the lives of people in advertising. We are here for those who have been marginalized, overlooked, and under...