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what we are

We Are Rosie is a thriving (and growing!) community of independent marketing experts, available on-demand to augment, complement, backfill, or accelerate the in-house teams and capabilities of Fortune 500 brands and agencies with a flexible layer of highly skilled, highly diverse talent. We are the first fully flexible talent solution for marketing and advertising, on a mission to bring about a more inclusive, flexible, human future of work. Our founder, Stephanie Nadi Olson, started the company in 2018 with the mission to support extraordinary people, while providing a workplace that treats everyone with dignity and access to opportunity. Day in and day out, we all continue to drive that mission forward. And we’re pretty proud of that.

where we are

We Are Rosie is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, but we have Rosies all across the US, UK, and Canada.
Chances are, we are where you are. Just reach out and ask.

who we are

Founder & Visionary in Chief

Stephanie Nadi Olson is an advertising executive who founded We Are Rosie in 2018 based on a genuine understanding of what it feels like to “not belong.” Her life experience as the daughter of a refugee has driven her affinity and advocacy for marginalized groups. We Are Rosie is a manifestation of her soul’s calling to create a better way to do business by focusing on the people doing the work. Over the course of her career in advertising, Stephanie has worked closely with big brands and major tech companies and has developed a unique 360-degree view of industry practices and the need for transformation. Using this experience, she has created a human-centered approach to marketing that celebrates diversity and facilitates happiness, while ensuring that We Are Rosie maintains integrity and authenticity every step of the way. Stephanie was named AdAge Visionary of the Year 2020, was recognized by Adweek in the 2020 Creative 100, was named World Changing Woman 2020 by Conscious Company, and was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 by the Stevie Awards.

Interested? We thought you might be.

why we are

Our “why” is best defined by our Core Values. Take a look:

We are in the business of entrepreneurship. Each We Are Rosie expert has an entrepreneurial mindset. We interact with the world from a place of self-motivation, personal responsibility, and confidence. We work hard (really hard), on our own terms, and are bound by a common cause to change the way work happens.

We use common sense. We encourage independent thought and original thinking to figure stuff out as we grow. We don’t look to the industry-at-large, individuals, or our competitors for the way forward. We blaze our own trail.

We pursue growth. Our goal is to create a more human-centric approach to work. We understand that this happens one day, one person, one partnership at a time. Each day we employ a get-it-done attitude and roll-up-your-sleeves willingness to expand the impact we have on the world around us by growing our business.

We are inclusive. All are welcome here. We believe that inclusion is a must-have, not a nice-to-have and we will hold ourselves and our partners accountable for embracing this mindset. We allow every voice to be heard, and every person seen. We foster a culture of diverse thought, opinion, race, age, religion, sexual orientation, education, and ability.

We speak plainly. We achieve all of our goals through simple, clear, and timely communication, both internally and externally. We Are Rosie maintains a distinct voice and tone without over-complicating our propositions, services, thoughts, and positioning. If we don’t feel comfortable backing it up, we don’t say it.

We trust you. Our culture thrives on systemic trust. We believe that people have the best chance of success when they are treated with dignity and respect. Our inclination is to always give people the benefit of the doubt, unless we are given ample reason to do otherwise.

We really care. We believe that our own liberation is inextricably linked to those we serve, and we care deeply about them. We remain thoughtful in our interactions with each other and the world around us. We don’t overreact. We anchor in common sense and common ground. We focus on solutions and positive outcomes.

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Our Impact Was Written in the Stars

We Are Rosie was born during auspicious times. The celestial bodies interacted with each other to present an entity that responded to the vision and inspiration of its creators. As Carl Jung posited: “Anything born at a moment of time has the characteristics of that moment.” Here are those astrological factors:

Sun in Pisces, conjunct Mercury, Venus, and Neptune in Pisces in the 9th house. Pisces is the astrological sign of transcendence and unity consciousness. With Mercury, Venus, and Neptune adding to the magic of this Sun sign, there is an overwhelming vocal expression of visionary activism. This stellium of celestial bodies in Pisces promotes brilliance and illumination. This company was born to transcend the ordinary boundaries of the marketing industry. Like Einstein, the Pisces genius, We Are Rosie is equipped to respond with compassion to the needs of its community through its insight and intelligence.

Cancer on the Ascendant sets up the entire profile of We Are Rosie as a company featuring help and compassionate support. Cancer heading the 1st house illustrates a company that is nurturing and attentive to the needs of others.

Moon in the sign of Aries in the 10th house reveals the soul of this company. Ruled by Mars, this Moon sign serves the need of the company to be a warrior for the disenfranchised, under-represented, yet talented persons in the marketing industry.

An inspiring Grand Fire Trine present between Moon, North Node, and Mars sparks a burning desire to create change and demand accountability and growth.

As most of the planets are to the right of the MC line and above the DC line including the Sun, We Are Rosie is made for collaboration and putting people first in the marketing industry. Creating better working conditions for their consultants, providing talent to companies, all while fighting the challenges of the industry.

welcome to a new way to work.