We’re helping laid-off marketing talent get back to work, on their terms. Here’s how!

by | Jun 16, 2020

We Are Rosie exists to create opportunities for marginalized and excluded talent through a new paradigm of work in marketing and advertising. We’ve spent the last 3 years offering brands and ad agencies top notch, diverse, independent Talent and Teams for project based work and contingent workforce. When we started to see 1,000+ marketers join our community after COVID layoffs, we began to consider how we could serve this new crop of talent.

Part of the new paradigm of work is how we recruit and select full-time traditional hires. To affect systemic change, we need to get this talent into ALL types of work opportunity that they choose, not just into flex/contract roles. 

That’s why we’re launching Rosie Recruits, to match future-focused brands to future employees from our network of over 5,000 marketing experts that can step in for any marketing and advertising capability — including media, creative, analytics, strategy, executive leadership, and more.

Rosie Recruits, like everything we do at We Are Rosie, aims to rebalance the power between the candidate and the hiring business. Traditionally, the power rests primarily with the company hiring, leaving candidates as a cog in the wheel. We aim to center the candidate’s experience through a 6 month trial run at the new employer before fully committing. For diverse talent, this 6 month period gives them a chance to ensure the company is aligned with their values. 

For businesses that hire through Rosie Recruits, the 6 month trial is equally beneficial so they can ensure the talent is a strong fit for the role before committing. Once they convert the talent to full-time, there is no conversion fee. This is recruiting for the new normal. No headhunter fees. Just unicorns. 


  • Brands, in-house agencies, ad agencies provide a job description for full-time positions.
  • We hand pick Rosies seeking permanent employment from our community of over 5,000 experts.
  • Rosies work on a 6-month contract on the path to full-time.
  • If the feeling is mutual, convert Rosies to permanent hires free of charge after 6 months.

We’ve reinvented marketing services with custom-built, diverse teams of independent talent for the world’s biggest brands. Now we’re reinventing traditional recruiting to be just as human, nimble, and inclusive. 

If you are a business actively recruiting, email partnerships@wearerosie.com.


welcome to a new way to work.