Rosies Are Rad Profile: Max

by | Apr 24, 2020

The 4,000+ marketing experts drive our community, we couldn’t do any of the work without them and everyone should know that. We care about them so much and only want to see them thrive. There’s no way we could keep them to ourselves. That’s why we’ve decided to pivot and highlight one Rosie a week. Meet the amazing people in our community, creating impactful work in their perspective focuses, you won’t regret it. Our industry is changing every day, we are finding new ways to market. It’s time we give the experts the recognition they deserve.

Max is an independent contractor whose focus is on Squarespace website design and advertising! Max is located in San Diego, CA. His background is in the music industry where I spent 7 years gaining experience in digital marketing, advertising, project management, and website design. Now he works with businesses all across the board from restaurants and bars, to CPA’s, and consultants.

Max uses his disability to differentiate himself from others, which can be seen in his title as the One Hand Wonder Man. We asked Max for a quick humble brag and he told us having a self-sustaining freelance business that started from nothing is a career win. We totally relate, building something from the ground is a heavy load to bear, but the outcome is more than worth it.

Here’s 5 interesting facts about Max:

  1. He was born without a left hand.
  2. He played the drums
  3. He used to make playlists every Sunday.
  4. He started freelancing on a whim.
  5. One of his goals is to create a home library.

Find Max on social and tell him We Are Rosie sent you!

Instagram: @onehandwonderman

Max’s portfolio:


welcome to a new way to work.