Women’s History Month Profile: Analisa

by | Mar 6, 2020

We love our Rosies! If you didn’t know, that’s what we affectionately call the independent contractors and full-time employees that work with us. Honestly, we could not service adland or the marketing industry without them. We rely on Rosies expertise and agility to get the jobs done, and each and everyone do it well. There’s a reason we can get you a Rosie in 72 hours, they’re amazing. No wonder our client retention rate is 100%, clients cannot get enough! In honor of Women’s History Month, we are highlighting a few of the outstanding ladies, doing the amazing work!

Meet Analisa: I’m Analisa, my specialty is deep channel strategy (also known simply as content strategy, but that can mean a trillion things and channel strategy has felt more accurate lately), and I’m based in Houston, TX..

What made you choose to become an independent contractor, Full Time:

My role at an NYC-based startup was dissolved, and I was left with having to quickly put 1+1 together to get by. As I was leaving the company, a contact I had previously worked with reached out to me and said she’d like to hire me for work. I’d been consulting here and there since I was 20, so I was relatively familiar with the logistics, but that initial project is what got the ball restarted and got me out of feeling sorry for myself day in and day out. As more projects began to come through I was actually really hesitant to kick my consulting life into high gear— I was still full-time traditional role shopping, but slowly, and then suddenly (partly thanks to We Are Rosie!), I realized I was actually significantly more ‘stable’ consulting (and having a lot more fun, and making better money on my own time) and decided to go full speed ahead. For the longest time I’ve ignored some of my most natural advantages as an employee, in favor of weaknesses because I felt the need to either play a balancing game or place myself in a box. Consulting plays to the best parts of me, and as such, I’m a stronger employee. Long story, short: I finally listened to my intuition.

How did you hear about We Are Rosie?

I participated in a remote ‘Mastermind’ with three other Latinas last year. It was magical, and one of them is Atlanta-based (Pamela Barba) and we’ve become the best pen pals, haha. We have similar career values, and at the time we met she was exiting an incubator for her organization @vamosladies and I was on the job hunt and toying with consulting. She had friends who had signed up for We Are Rosie, and highly recommended I check it out. Next thing I knew, I was getting a call from the WRR team!

How would you like to be remembered?

 I’d like to be remembered as kind. Someone who considered the whole person. Witty. Resourceful AF.

 What are five interesting facts about you?!

  1.  I was the co-editor of a Texas award-winning student newspaper in high school. When I received the co-editorship, the other editor and I decided to 360 the paper from design to content. We were from the southernmost tip of Texas, on the TX-MX border, so it was a big deal for a tiny paper when we began winning awards! We raised some hell, and it was a great two years as editor.
  2. I’m obsessed with making detailed Google Maps (sub categories and all) when I visit new cities. I have a whole collection now.
  3.  I learned how to ride a motorcycle before I learned how to drive a car 
  4. When I was in high school, I’d create study guides for AP classes. I’d print the guide on colored paper to make it more difficult for people to photocopy, I’d have the teacher sign it for credibility, and I’d sell them for $20 a piece.
  5. I used to (and am now beginning again) foster kittens! I’ve probably fostered 5 or 6 litters by now.

How can we find you on social?

@analisacantu on IG/TW (I’m mostly on IG Stories!), www.analisacantu.com, and linkedin.com/in/analisacantu


welcome to a new way to work.