3 Ways To Prevent Burnout While Working Remotely

March 5, 2020

Here at We Are Rosie, all of our full-time employees are able to flexibly work remotely. And by flexibly, we mean all the time. Most of our meetings are virtual, and while we have an office space, our team is spread out across the nation. We don’t just preach the flexible work life, we LIVE it.

Flexible work comes with great responsibility. You have to know when to unplug. It’s easy to constantly work and eventually burnout. We Are Rosie’s culture is PEOPLE CENTERED so the well being of everyone we employ is top priority. That’s just how we do things. It makes sense that are team comes with long list of ways to combat burnout, but here are 3 ways our teams prevents burnout while working remotely:

  1. Getting fresh air – Yes you work remotely but that does not mean you are contained to one space. When things feel heavy, take 5 mins to get some fresh air. Walking around can help clear your mind and boost your creativity!
  2. Grabbing something to cuddle – I know, it sounds crazy but grab something soft, your favorite blanket, pillow, even a pet. Take your furry friend for a walk, to add a little razzle dazzle. 
  3. BREATHING – Something so simple but yet we make it so complex. Feeling overwhelmed or burnt out, stop and take 4-5 deep breaths. You got this! 

Bonus: Unplug – Choose a specific time of day, say 7-9 pm to completely unplug from your work. If you’re feeling spicy, unplug from online activity too! 

These prevention methods are super simple but we hope they help you in some way. If you try any let us know! We’d love to chat about it. 

Topic: Innovation
Written by We Are Rosie

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