You Say You Want to be a Part of a Freelance Revolution?

by | Apr 17, 2019 | Business

Pondering dipping your toes into the freelance pool? According to the recent study Freelancing in America by Upwork, the freelance workforce has grown from 3.7 million to 56.7 million Americans in the last five years. With more and more talent choosing to work in an independent way and an increasing number of brands moving to project-based (or as we like to call it, “jump ball”) work, we are witnessing an acceleration of the modern work movement.

So, what does a freelancer actually do?

About half of the people we asked believe that freelancing is a fascinating endeavor made up of people lounging on the beach with their laptops and only working on creative and inspiring projects. While this may be true for some freelancers, that isn’t always the case. People go freelance for a variety of reasons, only some of which involve world travel. We have experts in our community looking for more flexible work so that they can care for a family member, people wanting to take summers off, people who get bored working at one place all the time, and introverts who simply don’t want to go into an office.

With one out of every three Americans working freelance, it is becoming clear that the barriers to independent work have been largely removed with modern technology. The online infrastructure available for launching a business has made it easier than ever to hang your own shingle and become part of the future of work. The We Are Rosie community ranges in age, background, years of experience, and skills. Our community consists of former Fortune 500 C-Suite executives, people who bypassed college and taught themselves how to create mobile apps out of sheer passion and curiosity, and just about everything in between.

In our opinion, there are two big challenges in hopping out of the traditional work wagon and onto the modern work train. One is taking the plunge and stepping out of your comfort zone. Change is hard. And there is a lot of perceived safety and stability in traditional work which can make it feel scary to go freelance. The second is that when you become a freelancer, you are becoming an entrepreneur, which is both badass and also somewhat intimidating. You are starting the business of YOU, betting on yourself, and stepping into the unknown. Is it nerve-wracking? Yes. Could it be the best decision you’ve ever made in your life? We’ve heard a resounding “Yes” from our team.

As with any risk, the reward often makes it worthwhile. “With freelancing, you hardly get a chance for things to get mundane, you are managing multiple projects at once and are motivated to show up and do your best because it’s not boring. As if working from home in your slippers, being able to get your kid off the bus, and eliminating the commute wasn’t enough,” shares a We Are Rosie community member. She continues, “Sure, it can be scary not always knowing what projects come next and sometimes you are faced with challenges that you have to figure out on your own. You just market yourself and give amazing service; repeat customers and word of mouth are key.” Because our community works on multiple client projects, they are constantly learning new platforms and best practices. They have the opportunity to keep their skills fresh. The study on Freelancing in America published by Upwork found that freelancers are more proactively updating their skills to remain marketable as the job market evolves compared to non-freelancers.

Is freelancing for you? Only you can decide, but we think it’s pretty awesome. Currently in a fulltime job but want to dip your toe in freelancing? Already freelancing and want to join a community to get matched with meaningful work, plus get all the benefits of having virtual colleagues? Join our community of 1,500+ people like you at