Q&A With We Are Rosie Founder Stephanie Nadi Olson

by | Mar 4, 2019 | Agency News

Stephanie Nadi Olson Is All About Modern Working

Our fearless (and kick-ass) leader Stephanie Nadi Olson created We Are Rosie to embrace modern working and offer clients a human-centered way of connecting with the right teams of talent to move their business forward. Below she shares what sets We Are Rosie apart, what clients can expect, how she creates the best teams, and much more.

How is We Are Rosie different from other agencies?

We Are Rosie is hyper-focused on 4 things that set us apart:

1- We are more interested in our client’s success than maximizing our revenue. As a privately held company, we are playing the long game. Our objective is to provide precisely what our clients need for the time frame they need it to do 2 things: 1) protect our clients from spending money that isn’t going to drive their business forward and 2) deploy the exact background and skills to get the job done better than anyone else.

2- We fully embrace modern working arrangements. Our team is excited to work in non-traditional ways and we support them through job-shares, flex hours, condensed work weeks, remote work, etc. This allows us to attract and retain the best marketing and advertising talent in the world. Working this way creates a happier team, and therefore world-class results for our clients. We have yet to work with a client who hasn’t renewed, which is a badge of honor for us.

3- We offer agency and brand-direct consulting services. Our team is diverse in terms of agency experience and brand marketing background. This has allowed us to tackle a wide range of projects including standing up an entire marketing department for a tech company, helping an organization segment their audience across platforms, and providing niche skills and experience to agencies as they pitch and onboard new business.

4- We believe that diversity is critical. It is at the center of every decision we make about scaling the business. We want a diverse client base and a diverse organization. When putting together a team to support a client, we are laser-focused on diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives, as well as race, age, ability, and gender diversity. We are also a certified Minority (Woman) Owned Business, which is a rarity in the agency and consulting world.

What can brands and organizations expect when working with We Are Rosie?

You can expect a group of people saying “HELL YES!” to working with you. Truly, we won’t take it on unless it makes us excited and we aren’t certain we are set up for success. We will provide a team that chooses to work with your brand because your business really resonates with them. You can expect honesty, transparency, and an appreciation for diverse thought. You can expect an incredibly customer-service-centered partnership. Perhaps most importantly, you can expect no bullshit.

The We Are Rosie network is over 1000 members. How do you find the right skilled professionals for each project/client?

Over 1,300! Can you believe it? And they are absolutely incredible—all of them.

So far, it’s been all word of mouth. We have a tribe of brand advocates that have been instrumental in growing and promoting We Are Rosie. We are so thankful for them.

For each project, our Account Management team curates a custom team of experts. We start by determining the “pie in the sky” vision for the team, complete with experience and background. Then, we search our community for the right members, making our final selection based on each individual’s contribution to a highly skilled, diverse, thoughtful team.

This year, we will likely work on additional mechanisms to grow our team. I want 2,000 people on the team by the end of next year. Our COO is probably going to kill me for saying that.

You’re passionate about supporting women postpartum, how does that factor into We Are Rosie and why you started the company?

I am, indeed. I had a year-long personal struggle with postpartum depression after the birth of my first daughter. It taught me a lot about asking for and receiving support personally and professionally. As a working mother, I recognize the critical importance of a supportive workplace, flexibility, and a no-shame work environment. I am committed to connecting with our team as whole human beings, not resources. As such, we are fully committed to supporting working mothers, fathers, and all other caregivers at We Are Rosie.

welcome to a new way to work.