4 Tools We Use to Feel Like a Team

by | Feb 7, 2019 | Innovations

In this emerging world of flexible schedules and remote offices, our average day isn’t average. Many of our team members don’t work in the same room, building, or even state. Which, as one can imagine, creates a few hiccups. Getting everyone in one physical place to discuss projects and organize a course of action can be difficult, and sometimes just plain impossible. Enter Project management apps. The creators of these apps see the unique challenges we’re facing in the workplace and they understand that communication remains an essential part of any successful team. So, they gave us a solution. Project management apps are designed to help us organize effectively, communicate seamlessly, and execute projects flawlessly, from anywhere.

These four companies are changing the game and giving us the tools to work and feel like a team, even when the team is spread across all corners of the earth.


Excellent for visual learners, this management app prioritizes your planning and keeps everyone on your team up-to-date. monday.com gives you the space to collaborate seamlessly,  communicate with everyone at any time, and is tailored to your specific needs. Organize projects using calendars, charts, maps, timelines, you name it. Whatever looks and works best for your team, monday.com makes it happen. You’re able to check in on what stage each project is on, see who’s working on what assignment, and track any upcoming deadlines. Each team member in the company will have access to what’s happening, increasing transparency and promoting collaboration which in turn creates an environment where employees feel empowered and productive. “Plan. Organize. Track. In one visual, collaborative space.”


The ultimate spreadsheet organizer, and way more versatile. Airtable allows you to view your business plans via grid, gallery, calendar, or just about any other way you can think of to manage your collaborations, update deadlines, and organize the specifics of your projects. Choose from an array of expert-designed templates to plan whatever you need. Are you an event coordinator? Keep details of your event locations, dates, sponsors, and speakers in one convenient place that’s easy for your team to navigate. Airtable is great for organizing your personal life, as well. Keep your pet records, restaurant reviews, and grocery list all in one accessible place. Create a system that’s uniquely yours by adding your own features to a block or template. Because Airtable believes that tech should work for you and not the other way around.


Teamwork in Slack happens in channels. Channels can be created for all groups, projects, topics, anything! Your colleagues can create, join, and leave channels at anytime. No more getting stuck in a dreaded group email from which there is no escape. Channels are used for exchanging messages, making voice and video calls, and drag-and-drop file sharing. It’s not just for your coworkers, either. Keep everyone in the loop by inviting clients and vendors to your channels, so all players in the project can collaborate effectively and transparently. Channels are searchable, so even if you leave a channel, you can go back and review what was discussed, how the project evolved, or how the problems were solved. No need to go scrolling back through hundreds of texts to find that one piece of info you’re looking for. Slack streamlines messaging, saving time and improving communication.


“Work remotely, side-by-side.” Sococo is a virtual office that allows you to connect, collaborate, and communicate from anywhere. When you sign up, you create a virtual building filled with your colleagues. You’re able to see who’s in what ‘room,’ who they’re working with, and how they’re communicating with each other, either via phone, video, or chat. You can invite team members into the room you’re in and knock on a door to gain access to another room. Invite clients into the building so they can discuss their project with your team directly. It’s even possible to incorporate other management apps, like Slack! Sococo allows you to bring your team together in one space, no matter where they are in the real world.