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Rosie is the agency of the future, now. We provide strategic marketing, media, and special projects consulting to change-making organizations. We believe that supporting our employees is good business—for everyone. Driven by uncompromising integrity, we put our hearts and souls into helping great minds accomplish extraordinary things. We’re not interested in doing business as usual. Quite the opposite. We’re here to kick ass.


We’re passionate about blazing trails and building businesses. We level up our ethics by amping up our transparency. We help the do gooders do better and the empowered become more powerful. And we do that with a network of exceptionally talented consultants whose decades of expertise are at the foundation of our world-class agency. We were founded with a rebellious spirit and ambitious focus to change the way people work with and for businesses in marketing. We build partnerships that are as successful as they are rewarding.

We are visionaries and disruptors. We are champions and changemakers. We are rebels and warriors.

We are Rosie. Join Us.

Ready to build your business? So are we.

Our Fearless Leader

Stephanie Nadi Olson


Stephanie Nadi Olson is on a mission.  A mission to support extraordinary people while providing a workplace that treats everyone, regardless of gender, race or identity, with dignity and equal opportunity.

After reaching the top of the corporate ladder, she decided it’s time to reinvent it.  Her obsession with best-in-class customer service, innovative media and marketing solutions, win-win strategic partnerships, and exceeding expectations was developed at top media companies like Microsoft and OATH (formerly AOL).  Now, Stephanie turns her attention to detail and passion for perfection to developing Rosie’s world-class team.

Stephanie’s experience traverses all industries. Her work has helped to build revenue for Fortune 500 companies like Toyota, Coca-Cola, Home Depot, AT&T, Verizon, Purina, and L’Oreal, to name a few.

When Stephanie gave birth to her youngest daughter, she realized that it’s time to challenge the status quo on how we work and thrive.  That’s why Rosie is named for Stephanie’s youngest daughter, Margot Rose, as a constant reminder of her highest priorities as an executive, a mother and an agent of change.

When Stephanie isn’t changing businesses, she’s changing lives. She’s a pillar of the Atlanta Community, where she is the founder of the Refugee Supper Club, which pairs recently resettled refugee families with American hosts for a supper club, benefiting refugees.  She’s also actively involved with the Atlanta Humane Society and the Atlanta Birth Center, a sanctuary that nurtures the lives of women and their families by providing a continuum of family-centered, holistic care surrounding the childbearing experience.