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We Are Rosie is the advertising marketplace of the future. We connect you to hand-picked teams curated to serve your goals - through media, marketing, and creative. We bring you agility to improve outputs and flexibility to eliminate burnout. Advertising doesn’t look like any one thing, and neither should your team. We bring diversity to the method and the message.
We’re always looking for kick-ass, purpose-driven consultants.

We Are Rosie exists to inspire the future of work in marketing & advertising by connecting independent workers to project-based work at scale. Our focus is on creating work that is in harmony with our lives and delights our employees, consultants, and clients. Our team of 1,500+ experts work across marketing, media, and strategy, with some of the largest brands in the world. We offer expertise from the brand and agency side, when and how you need it. Together, we are a force of change for good, inclusion, and results. We Are Rosie.

How people work in advertising no longer works. We are building a dignified workplace by demolishing the transactional traditions of an entire industry. Walls, barriers, and borders have no place in our culture. We are connectors and collaborators. We align with brands who are as dedicated to change as we are. We stand for dignity. We stand for equality. We stand for the 1,500+ flex marketers who are the core of our business. We are dedicated fathers, mothers, and industry explorers. We are corporate refugees and junior-level prodigies. We are rebels with a cause.

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Media Strategy and Execution

Your team is ready to scale, and we’re here to make it happen. You know media matters, and we have the expertise to help you do it right. We dream up your integrated media strategies that drive our planning and buying efforts, then validate it all with analytics. Programmatic may be our playground, but we still have love for every medium across the landscape.


We are the people you call when your message needs a megaphone. We set you up with high-level marketing leadership, or handle the whole dang thing ourselves. Design a website. Name your brand. Create a killer strategy. Pass us your neverending to-do list. We’ve got it covered.

Content and Creative

You’re beautiful - your brand identity should be, too. Our team of design mavens churn out stunning ads, graphics, and collateral like it’s their job. Because it is. Our content strategists kick it up a notch by bringing your brand to life with a compelling narrative. We create attention-grabbing copy for everything from blogs to billboards to make your message shine.

Special Projects

Transactions don’t interest us, relationships do. Consider us a strongarm of 1000+ doers, thinkers, and creators you can flex when it’s time to power up. We’re here to get shit done and get it done right. The bottom line is we care about more than the bottom line.

Meet the people who inspire us with their talent every dang day.
Put your skills to work for an agency that gives a damn.

Transparency & Precision

What you see is what you get. Successful relationships are built on trust, so we focus on straightforward communication and conscientious business practices.

Flexibility & Agility

We are strategic acrobats. We provide a safe and approachable environment for our clients and consultants so ideas can flow freely.

Positive Disruption

We are pioneers who are unafraid to go left when everyone else goes right. We are a team of forward-thinking achievers ready to shake up expectations.

Changing More Than Business

Our arms are locked together to help our clients achieve the success they deserve, so they can make the world a better place while we make their lives easier.

Join our kick-ass team and come do your best work.

We are ready to accelerate your ideas, flesh out your vision, break down technical barriers, and help you achieve your potential.